Aims of IFIP TC5 - Information Technology Applications

To promote research and the development of fundamental concepts, models, and theories to support applications of Information Technology.

  • Research: To identify and study advanced issues related to the application of techniques and information technologies that automate, integrate, and optimize the processes of innovation, design, production and management, including environmental issues.
  • Communication: To provide an international forum for government, academia, research and industry for the dissemination, publication and peer review of information, research, education and practices.
  • Collaboration: To foster interdisciplinary work and to collaborate with other Technical Committees, Working Groups and global professional organizations with allied interests.


This Technical Committee provides a focus for multi-disciplinary research into the application of information technologies and practices to facilitate information management - that is, to make it easier for people to have up-to-date knowledge, to be flexible, and to adapt.

Some non-exclusive examples include the following:

  • Product Life-Cycle Management
  • Digital Engineering / Digital Modeling and Simulation / Digital Manufacturing
  • Computer Aided Product Realization
  • Integrated Manufacturing / Production Management including Data Management for Production, Process Planning and Tools
  • Virtual Product Creation, Visualization and Digital Verification of Product and Process
  • Environmental Information and Decision Support Systems for Environmental Monitoring, Management, Research and Policy, including Risk and Crisis Mangement
  • Virtual collaboration supporting the interaction between product, production, supply chain management, recycling and end of life disposal
  • Enterprise integration to facilitate product realization